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artwork by bonnie england

“My artwork has never been about depicting realistic accuracy.  I tend to see a very colorful world and this is reflected in my paintings.  When I paint a building or a figure I mostly want to capture their poetry, their essence and not just a mass taking up space.  Someone once said that art making is about conveying a perception that hopefully inspires and even violates customary standards of evaluating the things that coexist with each of us…it surprises and makes new connections. I agree.


“I’ve always been exploratory by nature which has taken me geographically to stunningly beautiful places of inspiration; stretching as far as Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and across the seas into Europe.  Artistically, my exploratory nature has led me to respond wholly by photographing, sketching, sculpting and painting these places of wonder and the people who reside there.


“Painting for me is a reacting and feeling experience where I feel an interaction between the object and myself, a circular flow of energy.  I feel most alive when I paint.  All of my senses respond and I feel pulled into something larger and greater.”  


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